Quick Arborio (Short-Grained) Rice - 2-Qt. Pressure Cooker

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“Entered for safe-keeping. From Kuhn-Rikon's instruction manual (15 psi cooker). K-R specifies a different cooking time and rice:water ratio for different types of rice. This recipe includes none of the additional seasonings associated with risotto, it simply describes how to cook this type of rice by itself. Note: add rice only after water has come to a rolling boil. This recipe steams the rice on LOW pressure. If making larger amounts, be mindful of the max fill level (for grains: 1/2 full). Per Wikipedia, "the principal varieties used in Italy are Arborio, Baldo, Carnaroli, Maratelli, Padano, Roma, and Vialone Nano. Carnaroli, Maratelli and Vialone Nano are considered to be the best (and most expensive) varieties, with different users preferring one over another. They have slightly different properties. For example, Carnaroli is less likely than Vialone Nano to get overcooked, but the latter, being smaller, cooks faster and absorbs condiments better. Other varieties like Roma, Baldo, Ribe and Originario may be used but will not have the creaminess of the traditional dish. These varieties are considered better for soups and other non-risotto rice dishes and for making sweet rice desserts. Rice designations of Superfino, Semifino and Fino refer to the size and shape (specifically the length and the narrowness) of the grains, and not the quality." Don't use any larger cooker pot than you need, or it will take much longer to come up to pressure.”
3 cups

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  1. In pressure cooker, pour in water and bring it to a rolling boil.
  2. Pour in well-drained rice, stir well. (Note: for grains, do not exceed the 1/2 full marker.).
  3. Secure lid, and bring to LOW pressure (8 psi, 1 bar). Once pot has reached low pressure, adjust heat to stabilize at low pressure. (You may want to use a heat diffuser between the heat and your pot to make it easier to maintain LOW pressure. Sometimes I stack a 2nd burner grate on top of one burner grate. If I forget, I press the steam valve of my Kuhn Rikon p.c. lid to keep the pressure at 1 bar.) Once low pressure has been reached, begin timing for 5 minutes and cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Remove from heat. Let pressure reduce naturally (this will absorb some of the excess water, if any).
  5. Remove lid and serve.

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