Quick-n-Easy Trail Mix

“My DH used to complain that no one sells plain old "Trail Mix" anymore. So, I threw this together for him and he said it was perfect; it tastes just like the stuff he used to eat as a kid. This makes about 4-5 pounds of trail mix, so scale it down. Or freeze the leftovers. Or spend your next week at college snacking on it. Or, do what I did and give it away in pretty containers on holidays. Tasty! Yet so incredibly simple and fast to make! I hope your SO loves it, too.”

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Toss all ingredients into a paper grocery bag, except for the granola bars.
  2. Your goal is to crumble up the granola into bite-size pieces.
  3. So get a baseball bat, a rubber mallet, or a jackhammer, and unleash all of the stress and frustration you have accumulated so far this week upon the poor, unsuspecting box o' granola.
  4. (If he sees you doing this, your DH will be extra nice to you for the rest of the day.) Toss the granola bits into the bag with the nuts and fruit.
  5. Shake.

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