“I made this for dinner last night--my family just woofed it down! This is a really great recipe to make a YUMMY meal in not a lot of time--30 minutes total! I have this little bitty chicken cookbook that I found at a garage sale called "The Chicken Book". I'll be trying some more of these recipes and posting the good ones.”

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  1. In a non-stick 12-inch skillet, heat 2 tsp olive oil over medium heat. Add shallots or onions and cook until tender and lightly browned. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.
  2. Mix the salt, tarragon, and 3 TB flour in a flat-bottomed shallow dish. Coat the chicken with this mixture.
  3. Add the remaining 1 TB oil to skillet and heat until very hot. Add chicken and cook until golden brown, turning once.
  4. Reduce heat to medium-low; cover and continue cooking about 10 minutes, or until juices run clear when chicken is pierced. Place chicken on 4 dinner plates.
  5. Pour the broth in a small bowl or 4-cup measure. Use a fork to stir in the remaining 2 TB flour.
  6. Add the broth to the skillet and heat to boiling over high heat, stirring to loosen any brown bits from the bottom of the skillet. Boil for at least 1 minute, or until sauce is desired consistency.
  7. Pour sauce over chicken and serve.

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