“This is my own recipe. I like it, as it's a fast way to eat well and feel great... Quinoa, poblano peppers and parmesan ! Don't use kraft powder. Buy some real parmesan or, even better, Belgioioso 'American Grana' if you're in the USA -- by far one of the best "parmesan" style cheeses you can find in the states. The fact that they admit it's American, gets you over a psychological barrier, and it's just a great product. You'll become addicted...eat it with fruit : figs, mango, guava...”

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  1. Make a rù : dice the carrot, celery stalk and half-onion and, in a medium sauce pan, sweat them in a slightly generous amount of quality butter (unsalted). After about 5 minutes, add the poblano, which you have already seeded and rinsed and coursely chopped. Next, add as much quinoa as you think two people are going to eat -- Stir fry the mixture for at least five minutes over low heat, add salt and pepper and chopped up potatoes. Easy on the salt, though.
  2. add nearly two times as much water as quinoa and bring up the heat, when everything starts to boil, add the goya sazon, cover with a lid or plate and put the fire on low. Let the mix cook, uncovering and stirring every 5 or 6 mintues or so. Add more water, if you need -- then, when all the water has absorbed and the potatoes and quinoa are cooked, grate a generous amount of the grana into the quinoa and sitr so as not to let the cheese clump or string -- it should integrate into the dish. Adjust seasoning and heat hot.

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