“If you are in the Marines and being deployed, I just want to pass on the best darn recipe you'll ever see. First off tho you have to get in good graces with the ships cook cause you're going to need a few things from him. Actually "everything" except the water and sun. Some dude with a love for hooch made this during WWII and it's been pasted down through quite a few overseas trips. Just hang onto your cover when it's done.”
72hrs 10mins
4 Gallons

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Place all of the ingredints in a Goverment issue 5-gallon water can.
  2. Place on top of the canvas cover on a duece and a half or 5 ton truck.
  3. Lash down tightly to avoid loosing.
  4. Allow 3 days in the hot ocean sunlight and the motion of the sea waves to bring this recipe to a most delightful disaster.
  5. Sip slowly when finished.
  6. This may be shared with swabbies.
  7. Semper Fi.

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