Rajma Wraps(Red-Eye Bean Pancakes)With White Sauce And Cheese

“A wonderful pancake with a plethora of ingredients blended beautifully to create a tantalising dish! Enjoy!”
1hr 40mins
4-6 rajma pancakes

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  1. Heat a pan on medium flame.
  2. Add butter, garlic paste and bay leaves.
  3. Saute until the garlic paste is light brown in colour.
  4. Add onion, capsicum and the red chilli paste.
  5. Mix well and saute until the onion is golden brown and the capsicum is slightly tender.
  6. Add tomatoes, salt to taste and tomato puree.
  7. Mix well.
  8. Add sugar or Tomato Ketchup and black pepper powder.
  9. Mix well.
  10. Cook for 4 minutes on medium flame.
  11. Remove from heat.
  12. Divide this tomato sauce between two bowls.
  13. Set aside.
  14. Now, prepare the wraps.
  15. For this, take maize flour, cornflour, all-purpose flour (maida), salt to taste, black pepper and milk in a mixing bowl.
  16. Mix well with the help of a spoon.
  17. Add chilli paste and baking powder.
  18. Mix again.
  19. Keep aside.
  20. Now, to start making the wraps, heat a tsp.
  21. for each wrap in a pan.
  22. Let it become slightly hot (about 30 seconds).
  23. Pour about 6-8 tbsps.
  24. of the rajma wrap batter into the oil.
  25. Spread the batter in a circle.
  26. Cook on either side until light brown.
  27. Flip once to cook on both sides until light brown.
  28. My special tip-Always remember to press the pancake on both sides while it's cooking so that it cooks well and does not remain uncooked in any portion/part.
  29. Likewise, prepare all the pancakes/wraps and keep aside in a bowl where they'll remain hot.
  30. Don't cover the bowl completely; leave it slightly open.
  31. Now, take one bowl of the tomato sauce that you had kept aside earlier.
  32. To this, add the boiled red eye beans (rajma).
  33. Mix well.
  34. Add corriander leaves and garam masala powder.
  35. Mix well.
  36. Cook for 4 minutes on medium flame.
  37. Remove from heat.
  38. Keep aside.
  39. Now, grease a baking dish (take a rectangular shaped one preferably).
  40. Keep aside.
  41. Take a clean board or plate.
  42. Put a pancake in/on it.
  43. Add some of the rajma (red eye bean) filling.
  44. Close the pancake to make it look like a semi-circle and to help you seal it, use a little water on the curve of the pancake.
  45. Press tight to seal.
  46. Likewise, prepare all the pancakes.
  47. Place them neatly in the baking dish.
  48. Pour white sauce all over the pancakes.
  49. Now, grab the bowl of the prepared tomato sauce that you had kept aside earlier.
  50. From it, put 4 tbsps.
  51. of the tomato sauce all over the pancakes.
  52. Put a pinch of cinnamon powder over it, sprinkling it over all the pancakes.
  53. Put grated cheese over this.
  54. Next, put butter over the cheese.
  55. Let it spread over all the pancakes.
  56. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 10 minutes.
  57. Serve hot immediately or pack it in your kid's tiffin box for school or hubby's box to take to office for lunch on the days when he's just too busy to come home for a good meal from the pretty lady!

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