“This jam recipe is very easy to make and delicious! I like using apple with raspberries. I use pectin because it cuts down the cooking time and sugar significantly and makes the jam nice and thick. This recipe makes nine 8oz. jars. You can cut this recipe in half for a smaller batch. Enjoy!”
9 8 oz. jars

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1537.83 ml raspberries (6 1/2 cups mashed raspberry equals 12 pints or approximately 2 pounds)
  • 591.47 ml apples (peeled and diced)
  • 473.18 ml sugar
  • 59.14 ml lemon juice
  • 19.71 ml dry pectin (follow directions on your Pectin box)


  1. Wash, remove stems, and mash berries.
  2. Dice apples into tiny pieces - you can leave skins on, but I peel them.
  3. Place apples and lemon juice in large pan on medium heat.
  4. Cook apples for 5 minutes until soft.
  5. Add mashed berries and cook until it boils, stirring a few times.
  6. Let fruit boil for 2-3 minutes.
  7. In separate bowl, combine sugar and pectin and stir together.
  8. Add sugar/pectin mixture into boiling fruit and stir.
  9. Boil (high boil) for 5 minutes.
  10. Remove from heat and fill jars to 1/4" of top. (Recipe makes nine 8oz. jars).
  11. Wipe rims clean and screw on 2-piece lids.
  12. Let jars cool. You will hear a "pop" sound once sealed. You do not have to put jars in boiling water. Just let cool on your kitchen counter.

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