“This is a recipe my mom gave me. They had a pot luck lunch and this was the rave of the day. It was pretty awsome when I tried it. I have to add though if a recipe has pecans in it I am automatically going to like it.”
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  1. There will be more than enough dressing and pecans if you use 2 bundles of red lettuce.
  2. You can adjust accordingly.
  3. Crumble noodles and cover noodles and pecans with 3-4 T butter.
  4. Toast in oven until brown.
  5. (They can burn easily so keep an eye on them).
  6. Mix all together right before serving.
  7. The pecans and noodles can get soft if they are left in for an extended amount of time.
  8. Also, the dressing doesn't need to be refrigerated.
  9. It will start to solidify if it is chilled.
  10. Option- Last time I made it I added crumbled bleu cheese and it was wonderful in it.

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