Red Tofu Fritters With Chilli Dipping Sauce

“Mmmm spicy and savoury, great snack food but can be dressed up for a dinner party.”
12 fritters

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  1. Place the spring onions, red pepper and chillies into a food processor and blend for 1-2 minutes, or until finely chopped. Scrape into a bowl.
  2. Stir the flour with the baking powder, spices with seasoning into the chopped pepper mixture and stir together until well mixed.
  3. Drain the tofu and cut into pieces. Place in the food processor and blend until finely chopped. Scrape into the pepper mixture then add the beanspouts and freshly chopped coriander. Mix lightly before stirring in the egg and mixing again.
  4. Heat the oil in a wok or deep fryer and heat to 190 deg C/375 deg F. Using damp hands form the mixture into 12 small heaps. Fry the fritters in the hot oil for 1 minute, or until golden then turn the fritters over and continue to fry for 30 seconds, 1 minute or until golden on both sides. Drain thoroughly on absorbent kitchen paper.
  5. Pour the sweet chilli sauce into a small dipping bowl and stir in the chopped chilli. If liked, serve 3 fritters on individual plates, drizzle round a little chilli sauce and garnish with the chilli flowers. To make the chilli flowers slice each chilli into strips from the tip to the stalk but keep the strips attached to the stalk, remove the seeds and place in iced water until the strips curl back to form petals.

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