“My boyfriend, Richard, is an eagle scout which is the highest rank a boy scout can achieve. Only 10% of all boy scouts ever make it this far. Richard told me how they used to make silver turtles at their camp outs and that they are best when cooked over coals flipping them every 15 min until done, or bury them under the coals for 30-45 min. I finally got to try these but they were prepared on the grill. I think the oven will be ok as a last resort as well.”
1hr 15mins

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  1. Cut corn cobs in half.
  2. quarter squash.
  3. half or quarter potatoes.
  4. skin and cut carrots to about 2 inches or use baby carrots.
  5. cut onion into rings of your preference of thickness.
  6. seperate cabbage leaves.
  7. mince garlic cloves.
  8. double or triple up a sheet of foil that ends up being about two feet long.
  9. lay corn cobs about 8 inches from edge.
  10. lay squash and potatoes.
  11. top with carrots.
  12. salt and pepper.
  13. disperse garlic and butter evenly place onion rings.
  14. lay meat of choice, if any and cover securly with cabbage leaves.
  15. lay another peice of foil identical to the firt on top and roll edges in to make a "turtle shell" out of the foil for the food to cook inches.
  16. place on a hot grill and flip every 15 minutes til done.
  17. i think it would work with the same time under a broiler or 375 flipping every 15 minutes should work as well.
  18. let cool and serve.

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