“So yummy. Pears oven baked and poached in a honey-wine sauce with cinnamon and orange flavors infused. The first time DH and I had this for dessert we were simply astounded at how these simple flavors combined to make such a rich and flavorful treat.”

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  1. Tip: For the orange zest, scrub the orange first and then use a vegetable peeler to remove the strips of zest. Make sure to leave behind the bitter, white pith.
  2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Slice a thin piece off the bottom of each pear so that it will sit flat, standing up straight.
  3. Arrange the pears in a pie pan or oven-proof small casserole dish.
  4. Whisk wine and honey in a medium bowl until blended. (I usually have to microwave mine to make the honey melt a bit so that they will combine.).
  5. Pour honey-wine mixture over pears and add cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and orange zest to the liquid.
  6. Roast the pears, basting every 15 minutes, until they are tender and a bit wrinkled (about 45 minutes to 1 hour).
  7. Use a slotted spoon to transfer the pears to serving dishes. Put the honey-wine mixture into a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil until slightly thickened, about 6 minutes. Drizzle over pears and garnish with cinnamon sticks and orange zest.
  8. Serve warm, at room temp, or chilled.
  9. Note: We sometimes put a small scoop of vanilla ice cream on this. Very rich and yummy. Another option: try cheese, such as ricotta or mascarpone -- sweeten cheese and stir it first.

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