Roasted Wild Turkey W/ Raspberry Sauce

“My Dad brought me a turkey that my Grandfather had shot. I'd never cooked a wild turkey before & was a little nervous that my husband would find it too "gamey". Through suggestions from Dad & some different recipes I looked at, I came up with this very easy recipe for when the great hunter brings home the goods. (I let them skin & clean the bird for me). The turkey comes out nice & moist, & the tangy raspberry sauce is the perfect compliment. Not gamey at all!! You can also throw some fresh raspberries into the sauce, if you don't mind the seeds.”
2hrs 15mins

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  1. Wash & dry turkey.
  2. Mix onion, celery, bacon fat, & 1 cup wine, & stuff bird with mixture.
  3. Salt & pepper the bird.
  4. Lay the bacon slices over the turkey breast.
  5. Place bird in roasting bag & pour in broth & remaining wine.
  6. Close bag & roast at 300 degrees for 20-25 minutes per pound.
  7. Discard onion & celery before serving.
  8. For sauce, combine in skillet the raspberry jam, orange juice, & vinegar (also the fresh raspberries, if you're using them).
  9. Bring to a boil & cook 2-3 minutes, until sauce is reduced to desired consistency (it will thicken as it cools).
  10. Spoon sauce in a pool on serving plate, & top with slices of the turkey breast.

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