“I've tried a lot of hummus recipes but this is the first one that came close to Sabra - my favorite brand. I adapted this recipe from one I found online at a blog by Jonah Lisa. She states that it is the order in which the ingredients are combined that makes the hummus so creamy in the end. I don't know how true that is but I follow her method and always end up with great stuff that rivals my favorite brand. I use my blender but I'm sure a food processor would work great too. (The original recipe can be found at http://thetobyshow.typepad.com/the_toby_show/2008/03/the-secret-of-r.html#)”

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  1. Combine tahini and lemon juice and blend until smooth and frothy.
  2. Add garlic and salt and blend again.
  3. Add olive oil and 1/3 can of chickpeas and blend until smooth.
  4. As you incorporate the rest of the chickpeas, add small amounts of the reserved chickpea liquid to thin the mixture to allow easy blending.
  5. You will know when the consistency is right when the mixture moves thickly but easily inside the blender.
  6. When everything is incorporated and the consistency allows for easy blending, leave the blender on for a minute. This is a good time to add any additional spices to taste. I love the addition of smoked paprika and a dash of cumin. You may also want to add more garlic, kalamata olives, jalapenos, pine nuts, roasted red peppers, or anything that strikes your fancy.
  7. Serve with toasted pita bread, wheat crackers, tortilla chips and/or vegetables.
  8. Hope you enjoy!

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