"Rose Tobacco" (Oregon Trail Rose Candy)

“A few years back I visited the Oregon Trail Museum in Oregon City, Oregon, and came across an unusual product in the gift shop. It was called "rose tobacco" or "tobacco candy" and was it was a recreation of an old treat that had been prepared for the children as candy when they were on the trail. After returning home, I decided to try making some of my own, and it came out pretty well! The juice it produced was very tasty and would make a good ice cream topping, and the marinated petals would be nice if minced and added to other deserts (they do not retain their color, mine turned cream-brown).”
1440hrs 5mins
1 jar

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  1. Alternate layers of brown sugar and rose petals in the jelly jar, beginning with brown sugar.
  2. Pour the brandy over, put the lid on, and put it in the fridge for at least a couple of months.
  3. I don't recall if the gift shop version had brandy or other liquid added into the jar, but I believe that my having used liquid worked very well and I wouldn't make the rose tobacco without it.

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