Rosy Watermelon Rind Preserves

“A little bit different recipe that is my favorite. These take a little time but are soooo worth it. From a Farm Journal magazine years ago. These should set for at least six weeks (or more) before eating.”
12hrs 30mins
9 pints

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Remove rind from watermelon.
  2. Peel off outside skin.
  3. Cut rinds into three inch strips (about 12 cups).
  4. Place strips in large jar and cover with cold water.
  5. Add the cup of salt.
  6. Let stand overnight.
  7. Drain off all the water.
  8. Place watermelon rind in 2 quarts of fresh water in a large sauce pan.
  9. Boil 10 minutes and then strain.
  10. In a 6 quart kettle bring vinegar, cherry juice and sugar to a boil.
  11. Add ground cloves and ground cinnamon.
  12. Spiced cooked rind with cloves.
  13. Drop cooked rind into hot syrup and cook until syrup is thickened.
  14. Add a piece of cinnamon stick into hot pint jars.
  15. Fill with boiling hot preserves and syrup.
  16. Adjust lids.
  17. Process in a boiling hot water bath (212F) for 15 minutes.
  18. Remove jars and let cool in a draft free area.
  19. Makes 8-10 pints.

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