“This is a simple, hearty comfort recipe that was based on whatever I had in the pantry last night. It's called 'rough cut' because it is meant to be just a "rustic", simple, easy, hearty, filling dish. There is to be No tedious MINCING!! :-) Just put the ingredients in the cooker. ;-) It's really easy! Just put the ingredients into the cooker in the order listed, ending with the chicken. You don't want to taste it after adding raw meat to it so adjust your seasoning as nearly as you can before the chicken goes in. You can adjust the flavors further after it's finished. Ours came out with a LOT of juice so, if you don't like it that way, consider draining the tomatoes, cutting the stock and using bouillon cubes instead. Or cook as directed and removing excess juices to reach the consistency you prefer. I ladled off about 4 cups of the liquid after all the seasonings married in the cooking process. I served it over rice. I thought about adding ground cayenne or red pepper flakes after cooking for a little added heat. Or just having them in ramekins on the table for those who'd like it. Consider substituting 2 LBS of ground turkey or chicken for the thighs. I'm going to try duck or venison this winter. Bon, Bon Apetit!”
4hrs 20mins

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  1. Turn on the cooker and set for four hours on HIGH.
  2. Add the ingredients in order ending with the chicken after adjusting the seasoning.
  3. Cook for 4hrs on high stirring once or twice or just leave it to simmer.
  4. Serve over rice or serve in large bowls with a warm toasty baguette.
  5. Some people will want even more beans so GO for it!
  6. As far as the cocoa powder is concerned -- I'm not going for a Mole Negro flavor. Just a depth of flavor.

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