Rouladen of a Different Sort - Pastrami Rouladen

“One of Steingrim's favorite dinners is rouladen - we make usually make it at least once a month. But recently, when he was making himself his regular beef and pickle rouladen, I just wasn't feeling like having that sort of dinner. So I looked in the fridge and pulled out some good deli pastrami and cooked spears of fresh asparagus, and asked him to make mine from those instead. He did, and oh my... it was delicious! From now on, whenever we're making regular rouladen for him, we'll have my special Pastrami Rouladen for me. :)”

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  1. In a skillet over medium heat, cook the bacon until just crispy; remove and set aside.
  2. Add the butter and 1 tablespoon olive oil to the skillet with the bacon drippings, then sauté the sliced mushrooms until they soften and begin to get crispy - cook them to your desired texture; remove and set aside.
  3. Combine the minced onion and Dijon mustard, then spread approximately 1 tablespoon of the mustard mixture (1/4 of the total mixture) over each slice of pastrami, and sprinkle each with 1 tablespoon basil.
  4. Near the bottom edge of each slice of pastrami, place 1 slice of cooked bacon and 2 cooked asparagus spears.
  5. Roll the slices of meat up around the fillings and secure closed with a toothpick or kitchen twine.
  6. Over medium-high heat in a skillet, heat the extra virgin olive oil then add the secured meat rolls and sear and cook the rolls on 4 sides, about 2 minutes per turn; remove rolls and set aside.
  7. Add the 2 tablespoons butter to the skillet and let it melt, then sprinkle in the flour and stir it together with a whisk for 2 minutes.
  8. Add the chicken stock and whisk, scraping the sides and bottom of the pan to get the browned bits.
  9. Add the cooked mushrooms, season sauce with salt and pepper, stir in the sour cream until well incorporated, and remove from heat.
  10. Remove the toothpicks or twine securing the meat, transfer rolls to serving platter, pour the mushrooms and sauce over the rolls, garnish with chopped parsley, and serve with vegetables and noodles or rice.
  11. Note: you could use pickled asparagus spears, too!

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