“this is a bit fiddly cos i made it up as i went along... but it was wonderful & i just had to share it with everyone. basic ingredients most have in their store. this can be served as a seafood starter or hearty main meal (on its own, even!)”

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  1. *sweat leek & lemon rind in little olive oil, add chopped garlic & simmer a little longer. remove from pan & keep separate in bowl.
  2. *brown mushrooms in some olive oil. remove & add to leek mixture.
  3. *lightly fry broccoli & cauliflower after par-boiling. remove & add to leek mixture.
  4. *fry off salmon pieces so cooked all the way through but do not overcook otherwise it will dry out.
  5. *melt butter in saucepan, add milk, heat, add stock cube & dill. once melted add cornflour, salt, pepper (to taste) & parmesan. once thickened & smooth add lemon juice then remove from heat.
  6. *place veggie mix at base of 20cm deep baking dish, then salmon pieces.
  7. *pour over white sauce.
  8. *bash dish onto surface to compact ingredients then cover with enough puff pastry (trim or add to cover evenly), brush with milk.
  9. *heat oven to 375ºF/190ºC then bake pie till pastry is golden brown.

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