Salted Boiling Water - What Does It Mean?

“I found a recipe similar to this online today, and had the best hours of laughing at the reviews. It became even funnier when I called my hubby and told him about it, he reminded me of my little sister's first official dinner cooked for her mother-In-law. (A great story I will included on my ME page later.) My DH made me see a need in having this posted for new cooks, as not everyone grows up with a good teacher from the start, with that in mind, here is my improved version.”
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  1. Measure water into a pan that has a tight fitting lid, cover and turn on high.
  2. When water begins to boil - add salt, cover and return lid giving just a moment or two to return to a full rolling boil.
  3. Proceed with whatever recipe you have that says cook in "boiling salted water".
  4. Adjust water amounts according to amount of your recipe yield, keeping the water/salt ratio of 1 tsp salt to 1 cup water.
  5. TIPS:.
  6. Placing a lid on pan will help water to boil faster.
  7. ALWAYS add salt AFTER the water is boiling to prevent "pitting" of your pans, which can ruin a pan forever.
  8. NOTE:.
  9. After reading my first review,.
  10. I do want to explain I am NOT in ANYWAY picking fun at new cooks, everyone starts somewhere. The humor I found in the recipe listing at another site is the reviews so many people wrote in reply to reading the recipe. 736 reviews! Almost 90% are written in a good cooks humor. When I was done reading all I could handle, my sides ached, my cheeks were wet with tears of insane laughter, and I had called long distance to 2 sisters, making them listen! At the risk of being hit by the large Zaar spoon, I will just say the other recipe site starts with an E. (Please note: that is the only recipe I suggest for reading there! And 'Zaar is the ONLY www. site that I have a paid membership!) :).

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