San Francisco Meets Boston Cream Pie

“Easy! a family and guest-pleaser. A better-than average-chocolate is a must! Try adding in-season sliced strawberries over bottom layer after spreading pudding filling! So yummy! Cooking time does not include refrigerated time. Note: Several reviewers have commented on glaze "setting up" fast. Best to assemble while cake layers are at room temp. Added 07.21.12 "Why is it called a pie?", and "Why the name 'Boston'?". Why "pie" instead of "cake?", probably because colonists baked cakes in pie tins as they did not own cake pans. As far as the name Boston Cream Pie, story began when a New York newspaper in 1855 published a recipe for a 'Pudding Pie Cake'. Recipe was similar to the Boston Cream Pie recipe of today except that it had a powdered sugar topping. In Boston, Harvey D. Parker opened a restaurant called Parker House Restaurant. On the menu was a 'Parker House Cake Pie", which has evolved into Boston Cream Pie. :)”

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  1. Prepare cake according to directions; baking in greased and lightly floured 8” round cake pan.
  2. When baked, let stand 5 minutes, then remove from pan and cool on wire rack.
  3. Prepare pudding mix according to directions, using 1 milk and 3/4 cup Half/Half; cover and chill while preparing glaze.
  4. Glaze-In small saucepan, cook chocolate and butter on low heat till melted.
  5. Stir in sugar, vanilla and milk, cook to spreading consistency (like syrup).
  6. To assemble pie-Cut layer of baked cake in two equal halves. (Cooks note:—take a long length of strong sewing thread, wrap around fingers on both hands; hold taut on either side of layer and move carefully at same height through cake layer.).
  7. Set top aside.
  8. Carefully spread pudding mixture over bottom layer to edges.
  9. Top with second layer and press to set. Spread very warm glaze on top of pie, letting glaze flow down in a few places on sides.
  10. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Cover & refrigerate left-over pie.

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