Sarasota's 7 Spicy, Sweet & Tangy Grilling/Baking Sauces

“These are not exact recipes, but ideas and methods. I love sauces I can brush on when grilling, baking, pan searing, broiling etc. It is a basic method of approximately ... 1/2 each of two main sauces; 1 teaspoon of 2 or 3 different spices and usually 1 other seasoning or spice to compliment, salt and pepper. It varies per sauce, but they are so easy and usually are ingredients we have on hand. It is the easiest method and such a wonderful sauce and flavor to so many dishes. Just mix in a small measuring cup and brush on. These sauces are great on seafood such as shrimp, white fish or salmon; pork chops, loins and roasts; steak, kabobs, skirt, fillets, flank; and any kind of chicken. So below some of my favorite combinations. Now there are hundreds of variations and sometimes I will add a little vinegar, more herbs etc, but this is the basic method and my favorites which I enjoy. Again, feel free to add more spices, herbs or vinegar for a kick. These are meant to be an easy, quick sauce so don't worry if you have all the ingredients - use what you have. Have fun and experiment. Again, turn ordinary chicken breasts into chipolte and raspberry glazed grilled chicken over wild rice instead of a plain Italian marinated chicken breast. It is easy, not expensive and quick. No cooking, just mix and brush on. Have fun!!”
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  1. Well -- Directions are simple. For each sauce, simply mix all the ingredients in a small measuring cup and then brush on the meats or seafood or poultry as they grill, roast, broil, bake or pan sear. Nothing more. A simple idea to make your dish a bit unique.
  2. And remember, don't be afraid to add some extra flavors, or chopped nuts, or more spice, or more seasoning. But remember these are meant to be quick easy sauces for a quick dinner.
  3. Give them a try and enjoy!

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