Sarasota's Twisted Double Layer BLT Sandwich

“I can not take too much credit for this. This was a sandwich served at a small little "Hole-In-The-Wall" Bait Shop that also was a "somewhat" Restaurant over in the everglades. The owners were originally from NY and worked in some of the top restaurants and gave it all up for FL life in the everglades. Well if you don't know where this place is, you WON'T find it - there is NO street name (a dirt road), NOT on the map, and it basically has NO name. Seafood, gater, burgers, sandwiches and chicken is about it, no steak, no soup, chili now and then -- but 5 star quality. Well, the day I was there I ordered a BLT. Well when it came out ... it wasn't like any BLT I ever had. It was amazing but so different. Now being a Mom and Pop place in the everglades and 4 picnic tables, I knew I could talk to her and find out the crazy history behind this sandwich. So she sat down and told me the story. She said that is was not her traditional BLT, but she was forced to make some changes. Apparently, their delivery truck broke down so they didn't get their meat or produce. So she decided to improvise. Now, it still had tomatoes, bacon, mayo and lettuce, but this was the result. What a fantastic sandwich. It was served with both regular and sweet potato fries. I had to recreate it.”
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  1. Mayo -- Mix the bacon, mayo, avocado, red pepper, and any salt and pepper together and set to the side. Don't mix too much as you still want the avocado to be chunky.
  2. Tomato -- Mix the tomatoes, some salt and pepper, go easy, shallots and set to the side.
  3. Bread -- Toast your bread so it will be ready to put everything together.
  4. Sandwich -- Layer 1: Toasted bread with the bacon, avocado mayo spread on top; Layer 2: Tomato shallot mixture; Layer 3: Lettuce; Layer 4: Toasted bread with the bacon, avocado mayo spread on the bottom. Top with the slice of cheese and put under the broiler on a small baking sheet for 10-20 seconds until the cheese melts. Remove from the broiler immediately; Layer 5: Tomato shallot mixture; Layer 6: lettuce; Layer 7: Toasted bread with the bacon, avocado mayo spread on the bottom.
  5. Finish -- Secure the 4 corners with tooth picks and cut corner to corner. Now that is a very unique version, but fantastic BLT. Classic flavors with a twist. It is wonderful! Simply ENJOY.

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