“This is similar to some that are posted, but this one has more things, i.e., vegetables, fruit, and nuts, taste very good! Its a quick mix and bake and makes 2 9X13 pans- 32 servings. I cut them into 16 servings per pan. They freeze beautifully! Makes the house smell divine while baking! These make very thick cake like bars if you like thinner bars you could use a bigger pans. Will hold off your hunger pangs until lunch time! Time saving tip: I measure out all the dry ingredients the night before and put into a big zipper bag. I put the fruit and nuts into a separate bag, and I set my bowls on the counter. Then I put the measuring cups, spoons, bags of dry ingredients, cooking spray, mixer, and beaters into my bowls. Next morning it's ready to go and mixes up fast! By: Sassycook”
2 9x13 pans

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  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Grease with cooking spray 2 9x13 pans.
  3. Combine dry ingredients into large bowl.
  4. Combine wet ingredients into a large bowl (I use my biggest Tupperware mixing bowl).
  5. Use heavy duty mixer or mix by hand, mixture will be very thick.
  6. Combine dry ingredients into wet ingredients, a little at a time, mixture will be very thick when all is combined.
  7. Stir in all the fruit and nuts with wooden spoon.
  8. Pour into greased pans and smooth tops.
  9. I put both pans on same rack. If you have a small oven, place 1 pan on each rack, then switch pans half way through baking.
  10. Bake 50 minutes to 1 hour. Check after 50 minutes with toothpick. If clean, bars are done, if not try 5 to 10 more minutes.
  11. Cooling bars completely will make cutting them into bars easier.
  12. After the bars are cool, I cut and then put each into a freezer bag and freeze. Then every morning I take one out and let sit while my tea steeps--usually it's thawed out by the time I'm ready to drink my tea. I like mine cold or room temp, however DH likes them heated in the microwave!

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