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Savory Grilled Steak With Bleu Cheese Garlic Butter

“Our local grocery store sometimes will have chefs prepare sample dishes & this was one of them. I find that a little butter goes a long way, so I've been able to reduce the amount by half & there is still plenty of savory flavor to top your steak with. For those watching carb content it is 6 net carbs. You will probably have some left over Bleu Cheese Garlic Butter & once you taste it, you'll think of many things beside steak you'll want to add it too.”

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  1. Bleu Cheese Garlic butter: Add butter,garlic, thyme, and seasoning to food processor or blender and puree.
  2. Add Bleu Cheese and puree.
  3. Set aside and refrigerate.
  4. Steak: Mix seasoned salt, garlic,pepper, and soy sauce to create marinade.
  5. Place steaks and marinade in a large dish and marinate for 10 minutes, turning once.
  6. Discard marinade.
  7. Spray grill with cooking spray and grill steaks for@ 6 minutes on each side for medium.
  8. When fresh off the grill,serve each steak with a TBL.
  9. of Bleu Cheese Garlic Butter on top.

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