“Ready, Set, Cook! Special Edition Contest Entry: A favorite (at least in our home) dinner roll is given a savory boost with the addition of garlic, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, and garden-fresh green onions. These rolls are the perfect accompaniment to add a little zesty pizzazz to a mild dinner, or to complement a savory Mediterranean or spicy Tex-Mex dinner entree.”
2hrs 35mins
15 dinner rolls

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Place dough ingredients in automatic bread machine in the order recommended by manufacturer (or in the order listed above). Set bread machine for dough cycle; press start.
  2. Lightly spray bottom only of 9x13-inch baking dish; set aside.
  3. Remove risen dough from bread machine and place on lightly floured surface. Punch dough down, then shape dough into 15 smooth, round balls. Place about 1 inch apart in prepared 9x13-inch baking dish. Cover with clean cloth and let rise in warm place until dough is doubled in size (about 30-60 minutes).
  4. Preheat oven to 350°°F.
  5. Whisk together the beaten egg and water. Brush the egg wash over the tops of the rolls, then sprinkle a pinch of parmesan cheese on top of each roll.
  6. Place baking sheet in preheated (350°) oven and bake 12-15 minutes or until tops are lightly golden.

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