“I love this recipe. It uses fresh ingredients and is not a heavy dish. I got this recipe from the "Great American Favorite Brand Name Cookbook", collectors edition. This recipe is also great with shrimp, either as a substitution for scallops or in addition.”

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  1. Rinse scallops.
  2. Combine scallops, lemon juice and parsley in glass dish; cover and marinate in refridgerator while preparing sauce. Do not let the scallops sit for too long as this will completely cook them due to the acid in the lemon juice, so do not allow the scallops to sit in lemon juice for a period longer than while you are preparing the sauce for this recipe. (FYI: by marinating the scallops [or any seafood] in lemon juice [or any acid] you are actually using the acid in the lemon juice to "chemically" cook it. This process is called Ceviche. Although this recipe is not completely cooking in the scallops in the lemon juice, it is beginning the process so this step is important. You will complete cooking of the scallops in a skillet as this recipe calls for below.)
  3. In large skillet on medium heat add 1 T of butter, and olive oil.
  4. Add onion and garlic and sautee over medium heat just until onion is tender.
  5. Add diced tomatoes with juice, basil, oregano and thyme. Reduce heat to low.
  6. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  7. Drain scallops from marinade.
  8. In another skillet, cook and stir scallops in remaining 1T of butter over medium heat until scallops are opaque (approximately 2 minutes).
  9. In a pot cook vermecelli to desired doneness, I prefer al dente.
  10. Add cream and nutmeg to tomato mixture and then combine it all with the skillet that has completed cooking scallops.
  11. In large bowl pour sauce & scallop mixture over cooked vermecelli.
  12. Garnish as desired. I use a sprig of the basil or oregano or even parsley if you used fresh herbs any will do.
  13. Enjoy!

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