“Another cute Halloween Cupcake ; )”
12 cupcakes

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 16 ounces vanilla frosting
  • brown food coloring paste (icing)
  • 12 unfrosted cupcakes
  • 3 small orange slices, cut in four 1/4 inch thick pieces
  • 24 brown miniature M&M's chocolate candies
  • 1 brown decorating frosting
  • potato sticks, from can or bag
  • 1 piece red fruit leather
  • 24 soft caramel candies
  • 1 leaf shaped candy sprinkles


  1. Tint frosting pale tan with the food color.
  2. Frost top of cupcakes.
  3. For each cupcake: Place a piece of orange candy in place for nose 2 mini M&M-s for eyes.
  4. Pipe a squiggly line of brown frosting for mouth For hair and hay, press potato sticks into frosting on top and bottom edge of cupcake.
  5. Cut scarves from Fruit by the Foot; place on potato sticks under mouth.
  6. For the hat, press 1 caramel into a thimble shape; flatten another into a 2-inch circle.
  7. Press thimble onto circle; then press on leaf-shape sprin-kles.
  8. Press hat onto frosting.

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