Seafood Salad With Hearts of Palm

“This was put together for lunch at work. Despite the ingredients, it is still cheaper than buying subsidized food at work, assuming I want to enjoy what I eat: most was bought on discount or at sales. And since I have an "on my feet a lot" job, having protein is a must for me. Boiling eggs: add lots of salt to your water. If egg shells are weak, the change in osmotic pressure will have them "implode" rather than "explode", if their shells are weak. The salt doesn't affect egg taste or sodium content much, even if they implode. Much better... I put in the egg(s), then turn on the heat, and once boiling, reduce and let it go another 7 or so minutes. Shrimp: NEVER overcook shrimp. Two minutes at boiling, max. I boil water then throw the shrimp in. Tzatziki Cucumber Dipping Sauce You can use this, instead of a prepackaged container, which is what I found and used (this time, not in the future!) Again, you don't measure this, the amounts below are merely guidelines to shoot for.”

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  1. Combine all ingredients, once cooled, except egg and tzatziki sauce, and place in serving dish.
  2. Slice egg either in half, lengthwise, or in quarters, and lay atop the salad.
  3. Layer tzakziki sauce over the salad. Refrigerate until use, within 20 hours.

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