“Here I've paired some "colossal" jumbo scallops with wilted greens. The acidity in the greens make them the perfect complement to devilishly rich scallops. This could be served over grits, potatoes, mashed cauliflower, even beans, for and elegent low-country meal!”

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  1. Slice the kale stems into thin pieces and the leaves into larger strips.
  2. Heat a large, deep pan to medium-high. Add the bacon a cook 3-4 minutes.
  3. Then add the shallots and cook until soft—3 more minutes.
  4. Next add the garlic, and kale STEMS.
  5. Cook another 4-5 minutes before adding the leaves. Toss until wilted over the heat. Add the soy sauce, vinegar, then salt and pepper to taste. Keep warm.
  6. Heat an iron skillet to high.
  7. Dry the scallops thoroughly, then salt and pepper.
  8. Add the oil to the pan and swirl around.
  9. When it starts to smoke, quickly add the scallops. Cook on high for about 1-2 minutes.
  10. Flip the scallops and add the butter. Spoon the butter over the scallops as they cook another 1-2 minutes. Serve over warm greens.

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