“Incredibly easy! You can sub any cheese you'd like but I truly find that parmesan adds the right amount of earthy salty flavor and help keep the chicken tender. To save time you can use a canned pasta sauce of your liking. You can also adjust portion sizes according to the number of eaters in your family. I recommend some Bisquick Garlic Cheese Biscuits and a nice Caesar Salad as sides. Sure to please any palate!”

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  1. In a ziploc bag big enough to hold at least 1 cutlet at a time, mix your breadcrumbs and parmesan. You want to try and make sure it's evenly distributed so there are big clumps up cheese or breadcrumbs clouding your chicken.
  2. In a frying pan heat your EVOO over med-high heat and get it nice and hot, when you put your cutlets in you want a good sizzle going. In another pot bring your spaghetti water to a boil. If you're heating your pasta sauce on the stove go ahead and start warming that too.
  3. Put your cutlets one at a time in the bag with your breading and shake until evenly coated. place each cutlet in the hot oil pan. When your pasta water is at a boil drop your spaghetti inches.
  4. Once the side down in the pan turns a nice dark golden brown color turn your cutlets and let them brown on the other side and cook. You can safely eat your chicken when the juices run clear and there isn't any pink on the inside. When it's finished let it rest for a moment on some paper towels, to soak up any loose oil. An easy way to test if the pasta ready is to do the old trick of throwing a piece at the wall :) If it sticks, its ready and you can be sure it won't stain! Drain your pasta and mix a little bit of sauce in to flavor it and prevent sticking to the pot.
  5. Serve up your pasta with some nice hot Tomato and Basil sauce on top. Then put a cutlet on top of that. You could even take a tiny bit of fresh basil and put that on the plate to make a beautiful garnish. Enjoy!

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