Serviette/Napkin Folding, Simple Fan Variation 2

“My interest in serviette folding was born on a wet day at my Grandmother's house, I was a preteen and helping her with the ironing and watched while she ironed serviettes into wonderful shapes and neatly stacked them for use. I asked her to show me how and she did. Once you know several folds and people see them, they often have at least one other that you haven't seen before, you gain knowledge of the new one and on it goes. Now that I have already posted all the napkin folds I know, I decided to look on the net for some new ones to learn. This one is a variation on the Serviette/Napkin Folding, Simple Fan Variation and is prepared the same way but finished differently for a new effect. It's a smaller fan and fits nicely into a small glass. Like the Simple Fan, ironing the completed accordion strip gives better definition to the final serviette. Cloth serviettes can be ironed into the accordion shape in advance and stacked tightly into a shoe box ready for use.”

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 paper, serviette (large)
  • 1 cloth, serviette (large)


  1. Lay your serviette square out flat before you.
  2. Take the bottom right and left corners and make an accordion fold strips all the way up to the top right and left corners. If you press these with an iron the pleats will be nice and sharp. Leave unironed for a wavy casual look. (but ironed looks neater) You will now have a thin band the width of your accordion fold.
  3. Hold the serviette firmly just below the half way point of your accordion pleats and let the bottom part serviette become a little loose and less pleated, then still holding it firmly bend the bottom looser part up towards where your fingers are, to semi wrap around the "stem" of the fan and keep it anchored.
  4. Slip it (folded over bit first) into a small glass.
  5. Fan out the accordion pleats at the top to make a pleasing balance to the serviette.

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