Serviette/Napkin Folding, the French Fold.

“My interest in serviette folding was born on a wet day at my Grandmother's house, I was a pre teen and helping her with the ironing and watched while she ironed serviettes into wonderful shapes and neatly stacked them for use. I asked her to show me how and she did. Once you know several folds and people see them, they often have at least one other that you haven't seen before, you gain knowledge of the new one and on it goes. Now that I have already posted all the napkin folds I know, I decided to look on the net for some new ones to learn. This one was called the French Fold and looks very elegant on a plate.”

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 paper, serviette (large)
  • 1 cloth, serviette (large)


  1. Lay your serviette out flat before you in a diamond shape.
  2. Fold the South point of the diamond up to meet the North point of the diamond.
  3. Turn the serviette so that the crease is vertical on the left side and the point points out to the right.
  4. Bring the top point of the napkin diagonally towards you and to the right so that the crease falls an inch (2.5cm) or so short of the right-most corner and the newly formed point at the bottom is a few inches (5-6 cm) to the right of the left one.
  5. Fold the right-most point towards you, the top point remains in the same place as before and the bottom comes about half way along the remaining edge. This creates two neat triangles and a diamond shape and a very simple but elegant serviette.

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