Shake It Up! Iced Tea for Two

“I love iced tea, but I'm the only one who drinks it here. I like two kinds--smooth sun tea, unsweetened, or strong and sweet Southern-style iced tea. This recipe is for the latter. You will need a steel cocktail shaker. This makes 2 very large glasses full, or more if using smaller glasses.”

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 6 tea bags (or more as desired, I like Red Rose the best for this)
  • 473.19 ml boiling water
  • 59.14 ml sugar (or to taste)
  • ice cube (lots!)


  1. Place the tea bags in a very large mug or other heatproof cup. Pour boiling water over teabags. Brew tea for about 5 minutes (should be dark and bitter at this point). Remove tea bags, squeezing with a spoon to remove the liquid. Stir in sugar until dissolved.
  2. While tea is brewing, fill shaker and a glass or two with ice cubes. Pour hot tea over ice in shaker until almost full (be careful--the shaker will get quite hot for a moment!). Replace lid and shake until cold; strain over ice in glass. Add remaining tea (and additional ice, if needed) and shake until cold.

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