“Pretty much a throw together East Indian recipe that I got from my husband's idea of what it had in it and what it should taste like. I'm not sure if it's the real thing but I know it's cheap, easy and they gobble it up.”
1/2 bowl

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  1. Pour the whole can of chick peas, liquid and all into a medium sized pot. Add thinnly chopped onion, yes the whole thing. Sometime I will add cubed meat (that has already been browned) or leave it as a vegetarian dish and add extras like bell peppers (not green).
  2. Add and mix in a tablespoon of curry paste (hot, med or mild). Simmer for about twenty minutes (time to get homework started and helped with).
  3. Then in a cup add the hot water, stir in corn starch to mix, next tablespoon of curry paste and any extra spices you think you would like. I suggest not trying anything else until you know what the kids will like. My 2 yr old likes it spicier but the older ones prefer it mild.
  4. Add the water mix to the chick peas, simmer for another 20 min or so.
  5. Enjoy with a flat bread, or even toast.

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