Sichuan Chicken " Greg's Asian Chicken"

“Yes--the name is spelled correctly. This is a sweet and spicy dish that when performed correctly will have you licking the bowl when finished. This is the dish I refer to in my profile about not getting correct and being oh so frustrated--by jove I think I got it!”

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  1. Cut up chicken into bite sized pieces.
  2. Whisk the egg white, cornstarch, and salt until light and fluffy then add the chicken.
  3. While the chicken is sitting, in a large deep pan add the hoisin, brown sugar, rice wine, rice vinegar, and chicken stock then let it simmer and reduce.
  4. Now use a food processor or mortar and pestle to really grind up the dried chillies.
  5. In a frying pan add the oil and then the chillies. Once the chillies have cooked for about a minute, add garlic and the chicken mixture.
  6. Cook the chicken until there is no more pink in the center and is thus done.
  7. Add the chicken to the sauce mixture and cook the whole thing until the sauce is sticky.
  8. Serve over cooked rice.
  9. Enjoy!

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