“This mayo should keep for a week or two if its covered and cold. Its so easy to make and all you need is a food processor. I fiddled with a few different recipes until I made this one. some were too bitter, others just weird. this one works great on sandwiches. and you can also add spices or garlic to liven it up!”
1 large container

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  1. crack your eggs and add the salt and mustard powder to the food processor bowl.
  2. turn it on and let the eggs and spices go for a minute or so, it will look completely combined and a little foamy.
  3. start with 2 cups of oil, and feed it into the processers pour spout in a thin stream. its important not to pour it in too fast or it won't emulsify correctly.
  4. after 2 cups stop it for a second, if the mayo isn't runny then you're done. If it is, slowly add oil another 1/4 cup at a time until its the right consistancy.
  5. if it just isnt setting up, take the whole mess out, process another egg and slowly pour your mix back in.
  6. You will be able to tell its done, there's no extra set up in the fridge, it should have the consistancy of mayo right away.
  7. If you're adding garlic put the cloves in with the eggs. adding spices? add those towards the end. pesto? put in a heaping spoonful at the very end and pulse untill just combined.
  8. enjoy!

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