“A friend made this for me one day and I was hooked. It is a sticky rice that is full of flavour and the silky texture from the rice starch and melted parmesan -- it is completely addictive! It can be made with saute mushrooms, leeks, or cooked diced asperagus or broccoli. Either way it is a great comfort food. Many people like a little white wine in the risotto but personally, I like it without the wine. I've included the wine in this recipe in case someone would like to have it as an option.”

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  1. Prepare the vegetable: Slice and saute mushrooms or leeks, or cook diced asperagus or broccoli in salt water until tender crisp . Set aside.
  2. Dice the pancetta (or bacon). In a pot, brown pancetta and onion. Reduce to medium low heat, add rice and stir to coat.
  3. Mix wine and chicken stock together (if using wine).
  4. One ladle full at the time, add hot chicken stock to rice and stir with a wooden spoon. As the rice absorbs the stock, add another ladle full. Keep doing this untill all the stock is used or the rice is tender, about 20 minutes. Fold in sauted vegetables and parmesan cheese. Gently stir for about one minute to melt cheese. Test and season with salt and pepper as desired.

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