Simple Spaghetti Sauce

“I created this sauce in my kitchen just the other night. I thought I had bought spaghetti sauce the last time I went out shopping but couldn't find it anywhere! So I gathered a few ingredients - pre-made of course - and began making a sauce that I think turned out more fabulous than the store bought type I usually use. Even my husband loved it, so thought I should share it :) From beginning to end it literally only took 10 minutes to toss together and simmered it about 15-20 minutes to let the spices and flavors meld. YUM!!”

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  1. Brown your ground beef or, skinless chicken tenderloins until done all the way through.
  2. If using chicken tenderloins, strip off fat after done cooking and dice the chicken into bite sized cubes.
  3. While meat is browning on medium temperature cut and dice your garlic and fry together with your meat (or if using jarred type just toss in with your meat and brown together).
  4. While those two are cooking begin crushing your herbs. If you don't have a mortar and pestle, put the herbs in a thick plastic sandwich bag or similar and use a rolling pin, meat mallet or, similar and gently (don't go absolutely wild - unless you've had a really bad day :)) and beat the herbs until almost a fine grind of sorts, should not look like dust! Then add this to your meat mixture.
  5. Last but not least add in all the other ingredients and stir together, mixing well.
  6. Let simmer on med-high for about 5 minutes stirring occasionally and then turn down to med. low for remainder of time and cover. After you have done this then cook your favorite pasta and when that is done, just top with your sauce and you're done.
  7. Don't forget to make garlic bread!
  8. If it is not thick enough just add more parmesan to the mixture.
  9. Also feel free to add other veggies like zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, etc. Make it your own!

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