Simplest 3 Ingredient Traditional Stuffing

“Old family recipe, cheap and simple - from the war era when ingredients were scarce, used for poultry or game birds or just made in a pan. Should come out white and fairly crumbly. Simple and delicious, complements your meat rather than fights with it. This is great to help kids to learn to cook.”

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  1. Carefully remove the crust from the loaf and discard. Cube or tear apart the insides and crumb in a processor or grate.
  2. This can be done the same day but ideally 24 hours before stuffing to let the bread become a little stale. Spread out in a large roasting dish to let air dry for as long as you can. Then .
  3. Mix in well the suet and mixed herbs and add.
  4. water slowly until you have a firm crumbly mix thats just about sticking together.
  5. and thats it. Stuff or put in a pan.
  6. Some family members like to add an egg, but personally I don't like the eggy taste.
  7. If cooking on its own then bake for 25 minutes.
  8. We have tried other herbs but the mixed herbs is the best.

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