Six-spice Chicken Omelette

“Quick and easy dish for anytime of the day! I had this for breakfast with a cup of hot green tea but I think this is great with jasmine rice for dinner too. The 6 spices are the Chinese 5-spice and ground coriander - makes a delicious fusion dish! To save time, while you marinate the chicken, cut the vegetables and prepare the omelette.”

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  1. Combine chicken and other marinade ingredients in a non-reactive bowl; set aside for 15mins
  2. In the meantime, combine eggs, 2 TB water, black pepper together in a bowl; whisk slightly until well combined and foamy
  3. Heat 1 tsp of oil in a wok over med-high heat, pour 1/4 of egg mixture, tilting the wok to cover the base and side
  4. As the egg sets, gently lift the edge to uncooked egg runs underneath; cook for 1 minute or until set
  5. Slide omelette into a large plate, cover to keep warm; repeat with remaining egg to make 4 omelettes
  6. Heat another 2 tsp of oil in the same wok (remove any egg leftover with a clean kitchen paper towel) over med-high heat; add onions and stir fry for 2 minutes, until soft and slightly browned
  7. Add garlic, stir fry for another minute then add the marinated chicken, stir fry for another 2 minutes until just cooked through (unless you have a large wok, you may need to cook the chicken in 2 batches, to prevent overcrowding the wok)
  8. Add sliced mushrooms to the wok, stir fry the mixture for 1 min (until mushrooms are cooked)
  9. Now add the bean sprouts, give the mixture a good quick stir
  10. Quickly add the sauce (make sure it's high heat) - the sauce should boil off quickly, leaving a slightly wet mixture, like a glaze
  11. Divide the omelettes into 4 serving plates, top each halves with 1/4 of the filling; fold into half to enclose the filling
  12. Drizzle with a drops of dark soy sauce if desired and sprinkle with green onions; serve immediately

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