Sleepy-Time Tummy Tea

“Ah, yes, it's 3:00 in the morning; you hear the baby crying. You go pick him up to comfort him and rock him back to sleep when *BLAT!!!* he spews something just about the colour of pea soup all over your favorite nightshirt. Before you set to the task of trying to remove the toxic waste from your brand new carpet, pop into the kitchen to get this stomach-soothing, sleep-inducing, almost sinfully delicious, spicy tea, (which also serves as a great night-cap) remedy going:”

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Fill a 10-12 oz cup with hot tap water.
  2. Spoon all ingredients into a fresh coffee filter (I wouldn't recommend a tea-ball, the ginger and cinnamon will pass right through), tie it off with a twist-tie or cord, and cover.
  3. Call HazMat (or clean up the baby's mess yourself).
  4. When the mess is all cleaned up, the tea should be ready.
  5. For children, you can add a spoon-full of sugar to make it taste more attractive (don't worry, this does NOT detract from the sedative effect of the catnip).
  6. By this time it should also be cool enough to give to a baby, but give it a test first.

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