Slow Cooker - Crock Pot Chocolate Mayo Cake

“This is my favourite chocolate mayonnaise cake. I find it very convenient because you don't need to rush to the supermarket for eggs because it doesn't contain any...the mayonnaise takes their place of course, and successfully. The quantities stated in this recipe are suitable for a 3.5 quart slow cooker. Test if cake is done after two hours and a half or cooking; if not, let them cook until third hour. Don't overcook; it should be firm but still most in the inside. Substitute water or orange juice for the coffee if cake is for kids. Use another flavour marmalade if you wish. Don't bake it on low for a longer time”
3hrs 15mins

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  1. In bowl, mix sugar, salt, flour, cocoa, and baking soda.
  2. Carefully mix in mayonnaise and coffee.
  3. Pour in mold lined with greased foil.
  4. Tightly wrap mold with more aluminium foil, so as to steam doesn't ruin the cake (or use the paper towel method: place 5-6 thick paper towels between slow cooker lid and mold).
  5. Bake on high for 2 1/2- 3 hours, depending on slow cooker.
  6. When cake is baked let it cool completely, then sandwich it, fill with a thin layer of marmalade and reassemble it.
  7. If you used a"tall" slow cooker like my old Rival 3100 you can even cut it twice and use two kinds of marmalade.
  8. The cake keeps wonderfully in the fridge if well wrapped in foil for three days at least.

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