“Overnight marinading and slow-roasting is the secret to this flavorful tender chicken! Plan ahead the chicken needs to marinade a minimum of 8 hours or 24 hours. If you are not a garlic-lover then omit the fresh garlic in the cavity of the chicken. This recipe can also be done using a larger roasting chicken although cooking time will need to be increased, or make a couple of chickens, you will have two make two separate spice mixtures in two small bowls for two chickens.”

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  1. In a small bowl mix together salt, paprika, onion powder, thyme, black pepper and garlic powder.
  2. Rinse the chicken and inside cavity under cold water, then pat dry using paper towel.
  3. Rub the chicken all over with oil.
  4. Rub the inside cavity with minced garlic, then season with white salt (or you may use the spice mixture for the cavity).
  5. Rub the outside of the chicken all over with the spice mixture.
  6. Place in a glass dish cover with plastic wrap then refrigerate for up to 8-24 hours.
  7. Set oven to 275°F.
  8. Place the chicken in a greased roasting pan, then place the onion quarters inside the cavity.
  9. Bake uncovered for about 4-1/2 hours or until very tender.
  10. Tent the cooked chicken with foil and let rest 15 minutes before carving.

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