“A smoked Hamburger wrapped in a tortilla, re-fried beans, and a roasted green pepper -- BBQ Style.”
1hr 30mins
4-6 wraps

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Prepare Meat.
  2. Mix Chorizo, Beef, egg and finely crushed tortilla chips until well combined.
  3. Make 4-6 evenly distributed softball sized meatballs and flatten them into hamburger patties.
  4. Prepare Charcoal grill for indirect BBQ'ing. Best if using smoker chips.
  5. Smoke/BBQ the meat. Place Serrano peppers on grill and roast over the coals/heat until blackened.
  6. Pull meat from grill and allow to rest. Steam Serrano peppers by removing from grill and placing them in a covered bowl and let sit till cool to handle. Remove blackened outer skin, slice and remove seeds.
  7. Prepare the wraps.
  8. Place tortillas on a clean surface and brush well with vegetable oil or non stick cooking spray to both sides (these will go back on the grill). Spread re-fried beans on the Tortillas and place the burger in the center. Add Serrano pepper on top of each burger and wrap up the corners of the tortilla by enclosing the burger inside.
  9. Place folded side down on indirect grill to continue cooking until tortilla is crispy brown (20 min or so). Add Cheese on top until melted the last 5 minutes of cooking. Remove from Grill and allow to rest.
  10. Add Green sauce and sour cream in desired or eat it without condiments. Very Delicious.

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