“This recipe takes time, but is well worth it. Use the freshest salmon you can find. It is best to cut the pieces of salmon all the same size so you get even brining and smoking. Great for canning as well. Note: You may add other flavors to the fish such as garlic powder, pepper, soy sauce etc. if you like. The recipe can easily be doubled. You can use your imagination and try other types of fish as well. Even small whole fish.”
2 pounds

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  1. Fill a nonmetallic container with 2 cups warm water. Add salt and sugar and mix untill desolved. Add rest of water ( cold ). This may be doubled if you need more brine.
  2. Cut the fillets into equal size chunks or strips.
  3. Immerse prepared fish completely in the brine solution.
  4. Brine 1 inch thick pieces 8-12 hours or overnight in the refrigerator. Pieces to 1/2 inch thick about 4 hours. Stir Solution occasionally. You may also use zip-lock bags for this step.
  5. Remove fish from brine, rinse and blot dry with papertowels. Place fish on racks and let dry for about 1 hour. You will notice a tacky glaze on the surface of the fish. It is now ready to place in the smoker.
  6. Start smoker before adding fish so you have it going when you put it inches.
  7. 1 inch thick fillets will take 8-12 hours to smoke, using 3 panfuls of smoking chips ( Alder chips are best for fish). Fillets to 1/2 inch will take 5-8 hours, using 2 panfuls of chips.

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