So Fab Budget Chicken and Broccoli Soup

“I found this recipe in an old book and our family all love it. It is cheap,easy and filling.This recipe can be frozen.”

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  1. Put the Chicken Stock in a pot on the stove to heat.
  2. Slice the Chicken Breast wafer thin, this is best done partially frozen.
  3. Add the Chicken Breast to the Chicken Stock to cook, this is complete when the Chicken is white.
  4. Remove the Chicken from the Chicken Stock.
  5. Add the Broccoli to the Chicken Stock and cook until soft.
  6. Note:Even stems may be used for this recipe if cut small enough.
  7. Blend the Broccoli into the Chicken Stock with a hand bender or MixMaster.
  8. Season with Salt and Pepper.
  9. Return the Chicken Breast to the blended Broccoli Stock Mix.
  10. Add the Sour Cream just before serving.
  11. Do not heat with sour cream on high,it will curdle.
  12. Serve with French Stick.
  13. To freeze this item, do not add Sour Cream.
  14. Add Sour Cream when reheating and serving.

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