Soup Noodles or Blintzes /Crepes (For Passover and Year-Round)

“This recipe is way better than any croutons or noodles that you can buy. Sometimes I spoil my kids and make this even when it's not Passover because they are so good. If you are making blintzes with these increase the sugar and starch slightly.”

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  1. Put all ingredients in one bowl and mix well.
  2. To a non-stick or cast-iron skillet pour a tablespoon or so of oil and get the pan very hot.
  3. Lower the flame to medium.
  4. Whisk batter very well immediately before pouring batter into frying pan.
  5. Pour in just enough batter to thinly coat the frying pan (if you put in too much you'll be making an egg omelette). As soon as the batter begins to set (do not brown) flip over adding oil as needed .
  6. Set on paper towels or paper plate to drain and cool.
  7. Repeat until batter is all gone (do not forget to whisk well before each addition).
  8. Roll blintz leaves and thinly slice into spirals.
  9. Add to soup and enjoy. Yum!

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