“Came up with this to handle some of the surfeit of an especially good potato-based sourdough starter. Rises beautifully & yields 2 large chewy blistered crusts to fire up on your favorite pizza stone/unglazed piece of terra cotta tile. Our current favs are Italian sausage, sweet yellow onion & fresh torn basil. Eagerly awaiting our tomato crop so we can be making Pizza Marguerite entirely out of the garden!”
2hrs 5mins
2 pie crusts

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Load bread machine according to manufacturer's instructions. Watch when it starts the kneading cycle & adjust dough consistency with either a bit of flour or water as sourdough starters vary in thickness. Goal is an elastic somewhat soft but not at all sticky dough (a little softer than a baby's behind LOL).
  2. Once dough cycle completed, roughly knead & then dump dough into an oiled bowl & let rise 2nd time, either room temp or in fridge(for use the next day).
  3. Knock down after 2nd rise & divide into 2 pieces. Shape your pies (dusting your work area with semolina flour) and add your favorite sauces & toppings. Bake on preheated stone at 475 degrees F for 14 - 16 minutes.
  4. Oiled dough can also be divided & frozen in freezer bags with the air expressed. If freezing, remove from freezer & allow to thaw, do 2nd rise & use for pie.

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