“Spam lovers unite! This was just an experimental dish, but it turned out pretty good. If you're in the mood for a fun and different dish... give this recipe a try! Don't knock it before you try it! =D This recipe is starting off assuming you have already fried the spam strips. *You can also use the reduced sodium Spam Lite version if you prefer.”
40 sushi pieces

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  1. Place sheet of nori on bamboo mat and align with edge nearest you.
  2. Using a moistened hand, spread about 3/4-1 cup of rice evenly over 5 x 8-inch area leaving 2 inches nori at the far end. Using a knife, spread a light layer of mayo on the rice surface. If adding wasabi, spread a light layer now.
  3. Arrange cucumber stick(s) 1 inch from edge nearest you, followed by Spam strip(s). Lift mat with thumbs; keep cucumber and meat in place with fingers, and roll mat over meat and away from you.
  4. When mat touches the rice, lift mat and continue to roll as you would for a jelly roll. Roll again in mat and apply slight pressure to tighten roll.
  5. To serve, cut each roll into eight pieces. Arrange sushi slices on platter, cut side up.
  6. I like to just sprinkle a dash of Maggi seasoning sauce onto each sushi, rather than dipping the entire thing in soy sauce, but the choice is yours!
  7. Enjoy!

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