“For this recipe the chicken is split down the breast and flattened, then marinated and simmered in coconut milk and finally barbecued or cooked under the griller. If you do not have a pan large enough to accommodate a spreadeagled chicken, cut the bird in half. From the Complete Asian Cookbook by Charmaine Solomon.”

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  1. Split chicken and spread out flat.
  2. Put onion, garlic, chilies, ginger and lemon rind into container of electric blender with 2 or 3 tablespoons of the coconut milk and blend to a smooth paste. Add turmeric, pepper, coriander and salt and a spoonful more milk if necessary and blend again for a few seconds.
  3. Spread some of this spice paste over the chicken inside and out and let it marinate for 1/2 hour or longer. Put the remaining spice mixture in a wok or large pan with the leaves and the coconut milk (wash out blender container with some of the coconut milk) and bring slowly to simmering point, stirring constantly.
  4. Lower the chicken into this gravy and continue simmering, stirring and ladling the gravy over the chicken occasionally. Turn chicken after 10 minutes and continue cooking until chicken is done.
  5. Lift chicken from pan and grill over coals or under a preheated griller, a good distance away from the heat source, until chicken is touched with brown.
  6. In the meantime continue simmering gravy, stirring occasionally, until it is thick.
  7. When chicken has been grilled on both sides, transfer to a serving plate and spoon a little of the gravy over. Serve the rest of the gravy separately.

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